Behold, The Brew That Is Cold!

Our Cold Brew Is Back, More Refined And Tastier Than Ever


Originating in Japan as ‘Kyoto coffee’, cold brew is a way of gently extracting sweetness and flavour from the bean, without any of its bitter compounds. 

Despite heavy trending within the last two years, the method still remains a vague concept for enthusiasts that don’t work in the industry. For those intrigued as to how it is brewed, a large amount of coffee is ground coarsely (like wood-chip), into a large filter paper and then inserted into a meshed strainer. This huge fruit bomb is then slowly submerged into an even larger amount of cold, filtered water, where the coffee blooms and is massaged (yes, it feels great!) to encourage all dry coffee grounds to become evenly saturated with water, facilitating an even rate of extraction. Finally, this bundle of joy is tied with a piece of string and left to infuse for several hours, prior to filtration. 

cold brew 1
cold brew Carnaby


This summer, we plan to work with a broad range of adventurous coffees. This will give you the opportunity to compare the difference between varietals and processing methods used by farms in coffee growing regions from all over the world! We like to think you will end this summer with a greater understanding of coffee in general. 

This year, we are challenging ourselves to represent farmers’ coffees in a different light. Having rolled out production to our coffee shops, this widespread operation has the collective intelligence of all our company baristas and cold brew enthusiasts, experimenting with recipes and filtration methods to achieve ultimate flavour clarity and fruitiness. 

As coffee is a natural entity, the more recipes we explore, the more we can understand a coffee’s behaviour and exactly what we’re looking to extract. These first few weeks have seen Baristas use various funnels, filters and even disassembled parts of an AeroPress, looking to find the most effective ways of removing the unwanted amino acid and oils from the brew. We like to think this circulation of information between our baristas on how to improve each brew, will create a magical drinking experience for you, our customers.


After multiple experiments and a lot of late night caffeine consumption, this summer we’re opting for a shorter brew time, which we feel extracts the most desirable compounds, involving balanced acidity as well as the bean’s more delicate, fruitier notes. Using this method allows these coffees to reveal their true, vibrant character.

We have kicked off the season showcasing the fruits of Kenya, with both coffees being roasted specifically for cold brew. The first, namingly ‘Amber Nectar’, a naturally processed coffee delivering a bright, dried mango acidity, harmonising with delicate papaya and lychee notes that finishes with undertones of rich cocoa. The second being, ‘The Ghost Orchid’, a fully washed-processed coffee that unveils notes of honeydew melon, ripe mulberry and honeycomb, complemented by aromas of peach and nectarine. 


If you don’t want to consume 8 oz of steamed milk on a hot summer’s day and prefer a crisp, refreshing drink, cold brew is your answer. 

You can pick up a cold brew across selected London coffee shops (Carnaby, Piccadilly, Leather Lane, Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Norton Folgate and Kingston). 

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