Presenting 'Pause' An Exhibition Brought To You By Lomography & Department of Coffee and Social Affairs


For those that didn’t attend the launch on the 27th of January at our Carnaby Street coffee shop...too bad! ‘Pause’ has been the inspiration for many curious creatives lurking Soho’s streets over the last three months. 

Lomography & Department of Coffee and Social Affairs were proud to host the work of Flore Diamant, a film-only Belgian photographer who focuses on capturing life’s magnificent moments that otherwise go unnoticed. Reminding us that life is precious and should be adored. By using her eyes as a constant viewfinder, Flore captures escapism through the expression of natural imagery; surprisingly elusive in today’s world.

Of course, the expression of such beautiful, raw content could not be communicated without the fabled Lomography, a globally-active organisation dedicated to analogue, experimental and creative photography. Flore and Lomography's fascination with captivating and vivid images is a strong correlation, which has hopefully inspired more people to think creatively and interpret the world in an innovative fashion.

Unfortunately, like old film, this exhibition has now expired, however, if you enjoyed this one, make sure you stay tuned for more events by signing up to receive invitations on our events page.

Alternatively, if you would like to check out more of Flore’s captivating work, please do so here:

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