The Girl In The Cafe x The Roastery Department Collaboration


As some of you will have known, May has seen the launch of an exciting collaboration between the super talented The Girl In The Cafe and The Roastery Department bringing you an exclusive pairing of espresso and filter options. 

After being involved in the industry for over 12 years, TGITC finally decided it was the right time to start thinking about providing her own speciality coffee. After being captivated by Dumo Mathema’s generosity and humble nature she decided he would be a suitable partner to deliver quality coffee, whilst making it accessible to a wide range of people, from enthusiasts to professionals. 

After such a precise brief and taste profile was provided by TGITC, sourcing and roasting suitable coffees was no problem for Head Roaster, Dumo Mathema. He quotes “One of the most exciting things regarding this collaboration is that we’re focusing on micro-lots, meaning that there’s a limited supply of what we believe are amazing coffees”.

The first coffee launched was a fully washed coffee from Cameroon which unveiled a balanced ripe berry acidity with heavier toffee/caramel notes, leading to a smooth dark and milk chocolate finish. The rate at which this coffee sold out, demonstrates the hard work of Cameroon Boyo’s farmers when harvesting only the fully ripened cherries containing maximum sweetness.

The second coffee currently being served at Soho Bikes is another washed coffee from Burundi that displays a dried mango acidity alongside notes of ripe nectarine, finishing with toffee and smooth milk chocolate tones as an espresso. The filter coffee, roasted slightly lighter, exhibits the same flavours, perfect for those who prefer a lighter mouthfeel.

Without either coffee being overly striking and vibrant these coffees can be seen as something for everyone, that can be consumed at any time of the day, black or white. Having said this, these coffees are also surprisingly complex, with delicate notes of ripe fruit, for the discerning drinker who prefers a brighter, more delicate cup.

Whilst being suited to home-brewers, these coffees are also suitable for cafe use. Being highly versatile, they’re a dream to work with. Baristas don’t have to worry about the difficulty of dialing in or the temperature affecting the grind too much. Tasting great throughout a range of brew methods, it’s almost too good to be true.  

Having worked with both coffees at Soho Bikes Cafe, 26 Berwick Street. TGITC reports the feedback from customers has been fantastic... “I know many of the customers from my previous work in Soho and they feel comfortable in giving me honest feedback, they haven’t been disappointed”.

As there is a limited amount available, you will have to act fast, people can’t get enough of this exquisitely complex coffee. Grab a bag of 250g or enquire about wholesale orders over at   

To stay updated with TGITC’s current news, head over to her blog at or Instagram: @the_girl_in_the_cafe. Meanwhile, to stay up to date with The Roastery Department’s movements, follow them over at @theroasterydept

 Our Head Roaster, Dumo Mathema and The Girl In The Cafe at our roastery

Our Head Roaster, Dumo Mathema and The Girl In The Cafe at our roastery

 Matti Foncha from Cameroon Boyo with The Girl In The Cafe

Matti Foncha from Cameroon Boyo with The Girl In The Cafe