Introducing Our Speciality Grade,
Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods...

People’s coffee habits are changing. A quick shot of espresso in 30 seconds with little to no effort has made Nespresso machines popular amongst the masses. At the same time, more people have fallen in love with the speciality coffee experience - from opening a fresh bag and inhaling the aromas, to enjoying all the different ways of drinking it. We decided to create speciality grade coffee pods as we feel it’s our responsibility to bring the highest quality, most ethical coffee to the people, no matter what equipment is used. Our coffee pods contain world class single origin, ethically sourced coffee that is roasted and profiled by our master roaster to get the best possible taste and smell out of a coffee pod. They are also fully compatible with Nespresso machines.

Queen Of The Hill

Origin: Cameroon
Tasting Notes: Caramel. Toffee. Purple Stone Fruit. 
Bag Contains: 10 Coffee Pods

A royal espresso fit for a Queen! This is a slightly lighter, fruitier offering than the King Cocoa. This coffee has caramel and toffee notes in abundance with flavours of purple and red stone fruit.

Afri_CAN Charity

King Cocoa

Origin: El Salvador
Tasting Notes: 77% Cocoa. Clemetine/ Tangerine. 
Bag Contains: 10 Coffee Pods

A classic espresso with heavy, dark chocolate and treacle notes complimented by delicate hints of sweet, ripe citrus. The taste shows that King Cocoa is tops!  


Every bag you buy gives a vital free school breakfast to a vulnerable child in Sub-Saharan Africa

Afri-CAN Charity has been serving over 350,000 Free School Breakfasts annually to the most vulnerable pre-school children across multiple African townships, with over 2,000 children currently on their watch - these numbers are seeing tremendous monthly growth. From working closely with this charity we have come to understand that hungry children simply cannot learn, so let’s feed them. Therefore, when you buy a bag of coffee pods, we give a child a Free School Breakfast that is in accordance with the nutritional requirements approved by UNICEF.