Amber Nectar (Filter)

Amber Nectar (Filter)


If there was ever a nectar of the Gods, this hidden gem would surely be the top pick. The journey of enchantment begins with treacle/toffee and delicate baking spice. A vibrant, dried mango acidity compliments the smooth mango pulp flavours and heavy mouthfeel. Seamlessly interwoven papaya and lychee notes finish with rich cocoa/ milk chocolate. Magical, from beginning to end. 

Origin: Kenya
Tasting notes: mango, papaya and lychee

Type: Whole Beans
Estate: Chania Estate
Region: Central Province, Thika
Variety: French Mission, Riuru 11, K7, SL14, SL28, Batian
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1525 masl
Picked: Nov - April

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