Forbidden Fruit (Filter)

Forbidden Fruit (Filter)


A playfully complex drop. Discover rich, red fruit notes behind a delicate acidity. Balaton and Black cherry swirl around the palate amid an affable haze of sweet flavoured pipe tobacco. A bold morning coffee, not out of place on a fine summer evening, enjoyed alongside a generous helping of shattered 70% dark chocolate shards. A coffee with clout, evoking a want for travel. Best enjoyed atop lofty peaks and settings, serene.   

Origin: Ethiopia
Tasting notes: Black Cherry, Sweet Pipe Tobacco and Cocoa

Type: Whole Beans
Estate: Small Holders
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural & Dried on Raised Beds
Altitude: 2000-2350 masl
Region: Yirgacheffe Gedeo Zone
Picked: Oct - Jan

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