Coffee School: Latte Art Workshop

Coffee School: Latte Art Workshop


This is a personal and intimate workshop, designed for people both new and experienced to learn how to steam milk and pour with correct technique. You will be lead by an experienced barista in a class with no more than four people. There are two options for these classes- one for absolute beginners or for people who have a home espresso machine, we offer a two-hour lesson. For those in the coffee industry, who want to progress with their milk and latte art, we offer a three-week course, which consists of the two-hour lessons with a possible job at the end of the course.

The lessons will include:

  • The science behind milk
  • Science behind steaming technique
  • Technique in pouring
  • Challenges with different pouring patterns

Time: Classes start at 19:00 (unless otherwise stated) and run for 2 hours.
Class size: Maximum of 4 people.
No prior barista training is required

Beginner class -  £70

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